After waking up in the middle of a forest with no memory of who he is, let alone how he got there, Sal uses his gut instinct and the single piece of ID in his wallet to try to string together what happened to him, and more importantly, why?

Sal discovers that he used to work for the Corporation, an entity in charge of controlling nearly every facet of society. After a promotion gone wrong, Sal quit after an explosive argument with his boss and friend, Eddie. Sal also learns about the Suburbanites, a group of rebels who are no longer under the Corporation’s protection and who demand change for the mistreatment of the lower tiers of society.

He gets information from Evelyn, Eddie’s ex-girlfriend and the leader of the rebel group. With the help of Cassandra, a former friend of Evelyn, the final piece falls into place when Sal discovers why he has amnesia.


SAL (played by Mikelle Virey) had a pretty easy childhood growing up and hasn’t had any major difficulties or challenges to overcome.

He worked for the Corporation for most of his adult life, never having any particular moral qualms with how they operate. He was a passive participant, choosing only to focus on his own needs rather than how the current system affected the lives of others.  It’s only when he discovers the unethical activities that the Corporation is involved in behind the scenes that Sal takes the initiative to do something about it. Sal wants to change the world, but needs a little push to do it.

Cassandra MAIN
CASSANDRA (played by Aisha Bentham) grew up with absentee parents who were always working and never really took the time to understand her. She and Evelyn were childhood best friends, but their falling out deeply hurt. It is because of that incident that

Cassandra’s mantra is “Don’t get hurt, and don’t hurt others”. Cassandra thought that a career in medicine would allow her to help people, so she now works in the medical department of the Corporation.

Cassandra is the one person who Sal can talk to about anything.

EDDIE is one of the higher ups at the Corporation. He is very single minded when it comes to making money and getting what he wants, and his ruthlessness often leaves little room for him to consider the implications of his actions.

Eddie is very good at manipulating people and situations to his benefit. He learned all the tricks to get ahead from his entrepreneurial parents who had a bad habit of only acknowledging his failures. As a result, Eddie gets very defensive whenever someone criticizes him.

Evelyn MAIN
EVELYN (played by Naama David) is the definition of persistent. Growing up in a complacent household, she felt as though she deserved a better life. Ever since high school she hasn’t had a care in the world for what others think of her. The only people in her life whose opinions ever mattered were Eddie and Cassandra, and both relationships were eventually damaged.

She is the founder of the Suburbanites, the rebel group fighting against the unethical and suspected illegal activities of the Corporation.

While she prides herself on her morals, she can sometimes get in over her head. Her OCD-like personality and her insistence of focusing only on the end goal compels her to sometimes forget about the people who could be affected along the way – a flaw that her and Eddie share.

Eddie and Evelyn used to be together, and both had dreams of making the world a better place. Little did they know that their ideas of achieving said better world varied drastically. Eddie was interested in exploiting a new form of energy that had been discovered and using it as a form of exchangeable capital, whereas Evelyn was wary of the effects that mass producing the energy would have on the environment. She was also concerned about how those without access to this new energy would be able to survive in a world where it was the only means of wealth.