Naama DavidNAAMA DAVID as Evelyn Calliot

Over the last year, Naama David has immersed herself in a wide range of roles on a number of different platforms including stage, web and film. Her performance in the indie stage show, Threesome, and the release of her web series, Wheelhouse, have been a great start to the year. Naama is excited to spend time on set with the cast and crew of Revolution 10 and is uber-pumped to be a part of this project.

She loves being a professional pretender, and struggles with the fact that she used to be certain her one superpower would be teleportation, but now considers shape-shifting to be a very viable option.

Aisha BenthamAISHA BENTHAM as Cassandra Tanning

Aisha is an up and coming actor/playwright/creator. With her degree in BFA Honours Acting program, she hopes to make a mark on the Toronto theatre scene. Her most recent work was her one-woman show, Mammy Queen, in the 2013 Rock.Paper.Sistahz Festival and Artichoke Heart production of We Walk Among You.

As she continues to work on her own work, Aisha is very excited to be apart of Revolution 10 and looks forward to all the fun!

Mikelle Virey
MIKELLE VIREY as Sal Bridges

Mikelle is working to break the mold for Asian actors. He is a classical violinist and a metal/punk drummer. Passed roles include playing Dionysus in The Height of Madness, which won the Patron’s Pick award at the Toronto Fringe 2007, and playing Jesus in the most recent Chester Cycle.

Mikelle has a few independent films coming this year as well including comedy feature, Nine Plus One, and action short, Dead All Night.

Mikelle recently directed a new independent webseries called Kid’s Town. He hopes to continue breaking boundaries with Revolution 10.